It's wet, cold and dark outside. It makes you want to stay indoors and make yourself really comfortable.

But how, you may be asking yourself.

You can do it with just a few home accessories and you don't have to be an interior designer. Let me tell you some simple decorating tips today on how you can use creative ideas to make your home cozy in no time at all.

Our 12 best tips at a glance

1. candles

Candles are absolutely on trend right now and their warm and special atmosphere creates the necessary coziness factor in the room. I like to group different types of candles together. By this I mean jars with tea lights, candle holders with table candles or block candles and spread them around the room, on the windowsill, on the dresser or on the living room table. There are endless possibilities, just make sure that there is enough air at the top ;)

2. textiles - cushions, blankets and curtains

Nothing beats a sofa with cushions, lots of cushions, right? But they have to be different in shape, color and size. Add a pile of cozy blankets and matching curtains to protect you from prying eyes. And off you go, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing day on the couch.

3. rugs

A rug often completes a room. It's not just nice to walk barefoot over a rug, because a rug also looks good. Even unattractive laminate flooring can become an eye-catcher. And because this text is all about coziness, a rug also makes your home instantly cozier, I promise.

Try combining different rugs, the colors should harmonize, the materials can be different.

4. indirect light sources

Light plays a major role in coziness. If you don't want to illuminate your room exclusively with candlelight, but also don't want to use the ceiling lighting, then you need to use indirect light sources.

Indirect light sources can be a floor lamp, a table lamp or a wall lamp, all light sources that are as close to eye level as possible.

Again, combine different light sources. The important thing is that all the light bulbs you use have the same color temperature and emit the warmest possible light (around 2700 Kelvin). The warm, weaker light from the light bulbs is what creates the cozy, calming atmosphere in the room.

5. wood

Incorporate more wood into your 4 walls. The natural tone and material brings a certain character that makes your home cozy. That doesn't mean you should replace all your furniture now. Start small, decorate with wooden home accessories, use wooden picture frames or place a small wooden side table in a suitable corner.

6. colors

You've probably already guessed that. Colors can have a significant impact on our mood. So if you want to make your home cozy, you should go for a warm color palette. This includes rust tones, beige, natural tones such as dark green or mustard yellow.

It's best to decide on a main color and two or three other colors that you combine with the main color. This could mean choosing textiles, rugs and home accessories in these colors.

But to start small, perhaps limit yourself to your cushion collection on the couch and then you can move on to the rest of the decor in your home.

7. golden home accessories

These can be small details on the shelf such as bookends or vases, but also larger elements such as a mirror or a lamp in gold. You can use them to give your home a completely new look and make it cozy. However, you should use gold home accessories discreetly and pay attention to quality. Gold can quickly look cheap.

8. pictures

I'm not talking about snapshots from your last vacation, but works of art or framed prints that pick up on a warm color mood and that you place very skillfully. Be it leaning on a chest of drawers or directly on the wall.

You can also combine several picture frames in different sizes on an empty wall. It's best to limit yourself to 3 pictures at first and always make sure you have an odd number of pictures, as this creates a more harmonious effect.

9. dried flowers

Yes, dried flowers and grasses are currently an integral part of Instagram, especially pampas grass. And why? The natural earthy tones that dried flowers and the like bring to the home immediately make it feel cozy. Arrange everything in beautiful vases and containers. It would be great if you could find a few vases that match your chosen color palette.

10. wicker baskets

I basically started with tidiness in your home earlier. This is the very first step towards a more beautiful home. My decorating tip for this is to use wicker baskets for your organization system. They also look great on open shelves and ensure a uniform design on the one hand and, as you can probably already guess, more cosiness on the other.

11. music

Create a playlist with your favorite acoustic songs and let them play in the background. The right music has a pleasant effect, lets you reminisce and evokes positive feelings. The perfect basis for a cozy atmosphere.

12. fragrance

Use a high-quality room fragrance to perfectly round off the atmosphere in your redesigned home. For example, I really like scents with hints of juniper or pine.


Ultimately, cosiness depends on many factors, which together create the perfect overall picture. You don't necessarily have to implement all 11 decorating tips to beautify your home.

Pick out a few points that appeal to you the most and that you can easily implement with just a few tricks without having to invest a lot. Feel free to pin some pictures on Pinterest and get some more inspiration there.

And now I wish you lots of fun redesigning your home.

October 26, 2023