This is what SKINDIVIDUAL stands for


Skindividual consists of 100% natural active ingredients, has not been tested on animals, is paraben-free and vegan.


Skindividual dispenses with a product jungle that is difficult to find your way around. There is one product in two different sizes. You only need one drop of the serum, which makes Skindividual long-lasting and also protects the environment.


Skindividual scored very good in the derma test. The serum demonstrably reduces wrinkles and firms the face within 60 minutes.

Our promise

Skindividual was developed and perfected over four years in a Swiss laboratory specializing in natural cosmetics. The focus was on creating a product that is 100% natural and at the same time delivers what it promises. With the aim of escaping today's product jungle and convincing all along the line with a single product for women and men. Without sacrificing any of our valuable effects: firming, nourishing and refreshing.


I was aware of our social responsibility in the cosmetics industry from the very beginning. Since I grew up on a farm as a young boy and still love animals today, it would never occur to me to test a product on animals. Skindividual is 100% vegan. As it is also free from parabens and perfume, I gave it to my wife and my mom to test with a clear conscience. Both were completely convinced. From that moment on, I knew that Skindividual would be a gift for many more women and men.

We love individuality

From the very beginning, my goal was to make a difference in the cosmetics industry. To focus on values that are close to my heart. That's why I love the name Skindividual. Today, individuality is more important than ever. Skinimalism is written in capital letters. The focus is on a return to natural beauty. True to the motto: Skincare is essential, make-up is a choice. The no-make-up look has also become more and more of a trend on the world's catwalks in recent years. Less make-up means that we have to take even better care of our skin so that it shines even without a layer of powder and we feel really comfortable in our skin. Skindividual is a product that helps you to emphasize your natural beauty. It simplifies your skincare routine and lets you glow in everyday life without make-up.
David Togni, founder

David Togni, Founder

Our promise

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